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First job of the year? Tick electrical safety off your list.

Electrical safety is something that sadly, is easily overlooked. And if it is overlooked, the effects can be devastating.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a domestic property owner, a landlord or commercial property owner, regardless of legal implication, electrical safety should be taken seriously at all times.

Make electrical safety your first job of the year – and take a look at how you can minimise the risk of an electrical fault in your home, property or premises:


When ‘white goods’ go bad

How would you know if an electrical appliance such as a tumble dryer was faulty? According to the Local Government Association, one fire a day breaks out in London as a result of electrical faults in white goods such as freezers and dishwashers. Regular visual checks should be carried out on all white goods within the property to ensure no damage has occurred.

If you are concerned or suspect that your white goods are damaged or faulty, PAT testing is required.Safety First

Wrestling with wires

Poor electrical wiring in properties can be extremely hazardous. Exposed or loosely hanging electrical cables and wires can cause significant damage such as an electric shock or even worse consequences if touched. If you notice these on your premises don’t wrestle with the wires, get in touch with a professional electrician as soon as you can to have the wires made safe.

Are alarm bells ringing?

Battery and electrically operated fire alarms and house alarms should be regularly tested to guarantee the safety of your tenants. We recommend testing these alarms once a month to ensure they are in safe working condition.

Teaching the tenants

If you have a tenanted property to properties, never assume your tenants are aware of every piece of electrical equipment present in the property. Advise and teach them on how to use each appliance safely and talk to them about the visual warning signs that indicate an appliance may be faulty.

REACT Pat Testing Ltd are NICEIC approved Portable Appliance Testing Specialist operating across South Wales. Contact us today on: 0800 999 7369 to tick one of these risks off your list.

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