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‘Tis the season to be cautious

Christmas Lights

Christmas is upon us, and whether you love it or hate it – it’s all around. Christmas ‘work dos’ are in full swing and the office decorations are probably already up. You can’t escape it, not until a few weeks anyhow…


But, with Christmas decorations comes great risk. They may seem harmless but without careful consideration damage can be done.

Here are a few simple tips for minimising the risk of fire this Christmas in the office:


  1. Test your Christmas Lights

You may think this sounds silly, but you should always test your Christmas lights. If they are old, look damaged or faulty they require testing. And it goes without saying that we’d advise they are PAT tested. 



Overloading sockets

In an office environment several plugs will be used up by computers, monitors, phones and other electrical goods.  With added Christmas decorations there is a greater risk of overloading sockets. Ensure that all employees are aware that they should turn off any sockets once they’ve left the office.

Keep away from radiators

If the office is filled with paper decorations then make sure they are kept away from radiators or any electrical heaters, as this may cause a fire.

Check fire alarm systems

Whether it’s Christmas or not, you should regularly test your smoke or fire alarms to ensure that they are in good condition and full working order. Occasionally, some fire alarms are powered by batteries, these batteries will need to be replaced on a regular basis and should be tested at least once a month.

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Real Christmas trees will dry out very quickly, which can intensify the risk of a fire. It is advised that offices only use fake-trees (and there are some fantastic ones on the market now), because real trees need to be watered every so often and dry out, increasing the fire risk. Office Christmas trees are often neglected during the festive period as offices close over the holidays or staff forget to take care of the tree.

If your office requires help with Christmas electrical decorations to ensure they are in safe working conditions, we can provide Portable Appliance Testing. We are NICEIC approved and operate across South Wales. Contact us today on 0800 999 7369 to minimise the risk of fire in your office today.


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