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Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

If you’re a business owner, safety in the workplace should always be a priority.

All businesses must comply with safety regulations, ensuring the safety and protection of their employees and any property nearby.

But do you even know what could cause any electrical danger or risk in the workplace?

Majority of businesses use electrical equipment on a daily basis, most businesses wouldn’t survive without the use of electric. But often, when there’s electrical equipment involved, safety concerns may arise. Damage and accidents may occur if electrical equipment is not maintained to a satisfactory standard and so it is fundamental that all electrical equipment is regularly checked, within the workplace, to minimise any threat of danger or harm.

Here are a few examples of workplace environments where electrical safety concerns may arise:

Factories – If you are a business owner of a factory, the majority of the manufacturing equipment will be electrical. Large machines and other electrical appliances can pose great danger if damaged or deemed unsafe. It is paramount that all electrical equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

PAT Testing in the workplace

Offices – It’s hard to imagine what offices would look like without any electrical devices. And these days, majority of businesses depend so much electrical devices, that if anything were to happen to them, their business could come to a standstill. If any electrical device were to malfunction in some way this may not only harm the business’ reputation but could also severely injure an employee or damage the property. Offices are also at a high risk of ‘overloading’ sockets and extension leads – plugs are rarely enough in number or conveniently located! This is why employees should be educated on the risk of overloading sockets and extensions.

Shops – Shop owners may not consider tills to be dangerous, but they should. Just like a computer, tills should be regularly checked and inspected for any damage or faults that could pose any electrical threats to the workplace.

Restaurants – Just like any other kitchen, appliances should be regularly checked for damage or faults. Kitchen appliances such as microwaves, ovens, fridges and freezers can cause unsuspected damage or worse, fire.

If there is any electrical item in your workplace that you suspect is unsafe for use, or requires inspection, PAT testing should be carried out to assess its readiness for use.

REACT PAT provides PAT testing in the workplace by carrying out, fast but thorough checks to ensure that every piece of electrical equipment is fit for purpose and in safe working condition. We are a NICEIC approved Portable Appliance Testing Specialist operating across South Wales and we are waiting for your call. Contact us today on: 0800 999 7369 to safeguard your workplace.

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