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Checks for a counterfeit Christmas

We may not be buying Christmas trees or singing carols just yet, but Christmas is only around the corner. Scary, isn’t it? Before we know it, we will be welcoming in the New Year.

Christmas lists are being written and you’ve started shopping early to make sure you get the best deals before the Christmas rush. But, if you think you’ve found an incredible bargain, we’re sorry to say that the chances are … it’s too good to be true.

Each year one in five adults buy at least one electrical item as a Christmas gift, making it a perfect time of year for untrustworthy sellers to sell counterfeit electrical goods. The number of counterfeit and sub-standard electrical goods within the UK has increased significantly, with fake mobile phones rising more than 50%. Counterfeit games and hairstyling equipment are also among the fake electrical products that have increased within the country. So, what? Well, if you’re caught out with counterfeit electrical goods you may be at risk of receiving an electrical shock, electrical damage to you or your property, or even worse still, a house fire. 

Here are four checks to prevent a counterfeit Christmas:

1. Check the price tag.

If the price of the product is significantly lower than you had expected, this is an early warning sign of a fake electrical good. Unfortunately, sellers of such goods are becoming smarter and know how to make a counterfeit product look like a trusted and more expensive brand. So, if the image is more expensive than the price. You know to walk away.

2. Check who you are buying the product from.

When purchasing online, check the sellers address. If you are only able to view a PO box number, this could signify risk. Check for a full address, and don’t get caught out by websites that end in This doesn’t automatically mean they from the UK. It is always best to purchase products from a reliable and well-known seller.

3. Check the reviews.

Evidently, if there are consecutive negative reviews on a seller’s page, this can signify an untrustworthy and unreliable product (or seller)

4. Check the safe payment methods.

When purchasing from certain websites check for a safe payment process. This can be identified by the padlock when filling out your payment details. However, even a padlock isn’t always genuine. Look out for a complaints and returns section so that you know there is somewhere to go in the event that you are unsatisfied.

To help ensure you have an electrically safe Christmas, it is beneficial to PAT test all your electrical goods to safeguard your home from any electrical risks. If you need assistance with PAT testing your Christmas gifts - REACT Pat Testing Ltd are NICEIC approved Portable Appliance Testing Specialists operating across South Wales.

Contact us today on: 0800 999 7369 to tick one of these fire risks off your Christmas list.

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