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Landlords - Does your property meet electrical standards?

As a Landlord, you are required to deliver standard electrical safety in your properties. It is your responsibility, not the tenants, that all electrical appliances and installations are thoroughly checked and are in safe condition. Regular tests and maintenance will minimise the risk of any electrical faults and will keep you in line with electrical safety guidelines.

Millions of Landlords each year are putting tenants lives at risk of fire and severe accidents because of poorly maintained electrical goods.

By Law, Landlords must comply within these regulations:

-          That all electrical items and installations within the rented property are thoroughly examined before tenants move in. These electrical goods must be maintained and kept in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.

-          Any electrical appliance within the property must have a CE Marking which complies with European standards of safety, health and environmental.

-          Every five years, the property will be subject to a periodic inspection and test by a registered electrician. Legally, this only complies with properties that are registered as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

To ensure your property sustains a high standard within the electrical safety regulations it is beneficial to carry out the following:

Part P Regulations

Back in 2005, new electrical safety rules were introduced by the Government to the Building Regulations for England and Wales. As a result of this, all electrical installation work within properties must comply with the Building Regulations.

Within the regulations is Part P, this section states that any electrical installation work carried out in properties must be installed to prevent fire and electrical shocks. To simplify the term, it means that all electrical installations should be safe. To meet these requirements, use a registered contractor with a competent person scheme such as NICEIC (like us!) .

Visual Checks

When undergoing the usual maintenance check in your properties, often people tend to ignore doing user checks before using electrical equipment. It is recommended that Landlords undertake several visual checks of the electrical equipment to identify any visible damage or weathering.

Portable Appliance Testing

Legally there are no laws  requiring that Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) must be carried out, however electrical equipment within rental properties by law must be in safe condition. PAT testing will ensure your electricals are in safe condition. When carrying out PAT testing, you are able to identify potential electrical problems within your property and types of defect that cannot be identified through visual checks. PAT testing should not be a substitute to visual checks.

For more information on Landlord Electrical Safety take a look at our guide on If you are a landlord and need a registered electrician to help you with electrical appliance inspections in your rental property contact us today on: 0800 999 7369.  

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