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4 Avoidable Workplace Fire Risks

Fires cost businesses billions of pounds a year in property damage, heightened insurance premiums and down time. They also account for approximately 3% of workplace fatalities each year.

Workplace fires can happen at any time, however, there are measures you can take to minimise the possibility of these fires starting.
Here are a few fire risks to avoid:

Employees being unaware of Health and Safety procedures.

Another common cause of fires in the workplace is simply human error. Accidents happen, whether it be power tools getting dropped and portable generators get left running. Oversights and accidents such as these can be fire-starters.
Similarly, fires can result from employee confusion over health and safety policies. Safety procedures should be put in place to prevent accidents, reviewed on a regular basis and staff continuously educated on best practice.

Your office is cluttered and untidy.

An uncluttered office where rubbish is regularly discarded is also an effective way to prevent fires at the office.
Rubbish in work and storage areas can easily become the cause of a fire ignition. Essentially this is stockpiling fuel that kindles the fire should it be ignited. Dispose of all waste materials properly, from paper and cardboard to wood and cloth. Keep doorways and hallways clear, and make sure to clean work areas frequently.
Make sure there are fire extinguishers located throughout your workplace, keep wires safely tucked away to avoid erosion and limit any build-up of materials that could encourage a fire to spread or accelerate.

Not turning off electrical equipment.

Not only is this beneficial for reducing your utility bills but it also decreases your risk of an electrical fire. Leaving appliances and even computers running all night increases the chances of an electrical fire, particularly if the computers or devices are older. Chargers left plugged in for extended periods can also increase the risk of fires, especially if the chargers being used are not the original brand chargers. There have been instances of such cheaper non-PAT tested replacement chargers causing fires.
Ensure that all electrical devices and appliances are unplugged or turned off when not in use or when appropriate.

Using faulty electrical equipment.

All electrical equipment has the potential to spark and cause a fire.  Overloaded extension cords, faulty circuits and defective appliances are all forms of electrical equipment are common causes of workplace fires.
Replace old or defective equipment and enlist licensed electricians to routinely PAT test all electrical equipment and appliances. This is process not only continuously ensures appliances are safe but keep employers compliant with health and safety regulations.

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